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Since the education technology profession is constantly evolving, CoSN conducts its IT Leadership Survey annually. The survey provides valuable information about how education leaders are leveraging technology and paints a picture of potential changes in the field. Look to us for your comprehensive overview of technology trends, challenges, and priorities! The results of the survey will inform the decisions we make to serve our members going forward. Our IT Leadership Survey is sponsored by Ed-Fi Alliance and  CDW.G conducted in partnership with MDR amd Forecast5
Over the past decade, edtech professionals have transformed themselves from IT specialists into strategic leaders whose work plays a critical role in all aspects of education. We are excited to see what the next decade has in store!

The 2019 IT Leadership Survey is now available! 

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Top 10 Key Findings from the 2019 IT Leadership Survey

1. Cybersecurity is the Top Priority for IT Leaders today.

2. The top 3 Challenges faced by IT leaders for the past 3 years remain the same: Budget, Professional Development, and Breaking Down Silos.

3. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies declining in popularity. They are used by only 16% of school districts, probably as a result lower cost devices being introduced to the market.

4. Virtually all IT leaders (95%) agree that addressing the Homework Gap is a concern for their district. This is a significant change.  Last year 30% of leaders indicated digital equity was not important issue for their district vs. only 5% one year later.

5. Print is not dead. Past predictions have been overly optimistic. For 67% of districts, print still comprises at least half of their instructional materials.

6. Nearly a third of districts have fully implemented single sign-on (SSO), but other areas of interoperability – content, data, and data dashboards – are only partially implemented. Most alarmingly, between 23% to 33% of districts report doing either nothing at all or are only in the planning stage for content, data, and data dashboard interoperability.

7. This survey identifies a number of ways in which IT leaders are looking to be more relevant to teachers and learning, with 75% of IT Leaders saying it is important to be more responsive to educator IT needs in the classroom.

8. The largest percentage of IT leaders continue to have education backgrounds (40%), followed by those with technical backgrounds (35%), a growing number from business/management backgrounds (20%) and other (3%).

9. Lack of ethnic and racial diversity in school district IT leadership remains a serious problem in most school systems with no progress since last year.

10. The percentage of women in school district IT leadership roles has declined in recent years.


Want to compare the last three years in more depth? Access a full copy of the 2018201720162015, 2014, or 2013 survey reports.

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