For CETL® Certificants

Your CETL® certification will expire three (3) years after the date of issue. To remain certified, you are required to stay current in the CTO field by completing 60 hours of CoSN-defined continuing education activities (CEAs) or prepare to retake and pass the CETL® exam before the expiration of your certification. All CEAs must be tied to one or more of the content areas identified on the outline of what is covered on the CETL exam.  In addition, your re-certification activities must take place within your three-year certification cycle. Email us or call 202-524-8464 for any inquiries.

Now That You Are Certified

Congratulations on achieving your CETL certification!  Your achievement can proudly be displayed through the certification provided by CoSN, your CETL digital badge, recognition from your district or institution through a press release, and using the CETL credential after your name.

To better understand your responsibilities as a CETL, review the Policy on Use of the Certification Mark to learn how to best promote your new certification status!


Recertification Requirements

Three years after the date of issue, your CETL certification will expire. To remain certified, you are required to stay current in the CTO field by completing 60 hours of continuing education activities (CEAs) or retake and pass the CETL exam before your certification expires. Recertification activities must take place within your three-year certification cycle.  Given that the average lifecycle of technology infrastructure is less than 5 years, a three year recertification period allows an appropriate amount of time for an education technology leader to become aware of new advances, thought leadership, and legal requirements and to be able to educate other members of the education community on those changes with sufficient planning time to ensure students can continue to thrive.

See the revised re-certification requirements, effective January 1, 2017.

pay for recertification

All CEAs must be tied to one or more of the content areas identified in the outline of what is covered on the CETL exam. CEAs are exclusively a CoSN CETL measurement and are calculated as noted below. Credit is only awarded for education-related activities supporting elements of the body of knowledge and furthering your knowledge of the profession (registration, exhibit hall, and meal time hours at education activities, should not be included in your calculations). CEAs may be earned in the following ways:

CoSN Conferences or Similar Conferences

Sessions at CoSN or other similar conferences count as 1 CEA per conference “hour” of at least 50 minutes. Maximum of 60 hours can be achieved this way.

Structured Continuing Education including e-Learning/Online Courses

Structured continuing education (in-person or e-learning) includes activities such as seminars, college courses, on-the-job professional development classes or similar vehicles that contribute to the certificant’s knowledge and understanding of the profession. For most structured education, 1 education hour (at least 50 minutes) is 1 CEA. For university or college courses, one credit hour equals 15 CEAs. Maximum of 60 hours can be achieved with structured education offerings.

Professional Activities

Professional activities that contribute to the certificant’s further knowledge and understanding of the profession can also earn CEAs. Such activities fall into the following categories:

Project or Industry-Related Certification

Four (4) hours will be awarded per project or industry-related certification or micro-credential, specifically for CoSN, PMI, Comp TIA, CISSP and select vendor certifications. Maximum of 12 hours.

Professional Membership

Membership in CoSN, ISTE or another approved organization related to the education technology field earns 2 hours per year, per membership.

Published Works

Articles, white papers, instructional materials, and other published works (paper or online) that impart significant knowledge related to one or more of the 10 skill areas. 4 hours per article. Maximum of 12 hours


Instruction including sessions on new technology-enhanced learning options for key personnel such as faculty or administration in the district or state is awarded for the first time the instruction is given. For each hour of instruction, one CEA is earned. Maximum of 30 hours.

Volunteer/Leadership Work

Work performed as an active member of a CoSN committee, a CETL Ambassador, a study group leader, CTO mentor or other extra-job related activity involving one or more of the skill areas earn CEAs. Only those volunteer activities for which no honorarium is received can be counted.  Volunteer roles required as part of your employment cannot be counted.  One hour of volunteer activity equals one CEA. Maximum of 20 hours.

Completing your recertification tracking form and application

Keep track of your CEAs as you complete them. You may use this recertification tracking form and application or keep track of activities in whichever way you to choose. Once you complete this tool, it will be your application for re-certification. After you have accumulated 60 hours of activities, you may submit this form to recertify. Your activities will not be monitored by CoSN or approved by the CETL Certification Governance Committee until you have accumulated the required 60 hours and your application is submitted. If you have questions about a specific activity, please email us at The cost to recertify is $150 ($300 for nonmembers).