The CETL® program is the only practice-based certification program available in the education technology industry that bridges technical knowledge, understanding of the educational environment, and the management and leadership skills needed to integrate technology across the curriculum to advance student outcomes. This certification requires passage of two exams, a standardized multiple-choice exam and an essay-based exam; adherence to a Code of Conduct; and a recertification process every three (3) years. The exam is a true measure of today’s education technology field. 

Individuals serving in both the K-12 education sector and the corporate community who have successfully completed the CETL® or participated in CETL® training programs have reported that they have a much greater understanding of the challenges face by K-12 edtech leaders. These skills have allowed them to deal with the challenges of a constantly changing technology field.
To date, over 500 education technology leaders, in school systems nationwide and in companies serving those districts, have passed this rigorous program and earned their certification, with more in the pipeline. More than half of CETL®-certified educational technology leaders hold district, cabinet-level positions. For the past couple of years, CoSN has worked closely with district technology leaders to help them understand the value and importance of the CETL®. Superintendents who have encouraged CETL® certification have reported that: 
  • Stakeholders see that they are committed to the highest standards in administration.
  • They hire and promote only the most skilled and knowledgeable education technologists.
  • Their districts keep current on the latest trends and best practices in education technology.
  • Asking for CETL® demonstrates a commitment to their employees’ professional growth.
  • The technology team skills are well matched to the job requirements of their positions.

“CETL certifications came at a critical time in Utah, as our state legislators continue to wrestle with how to best fund the infrastructure needs for one-to-one as a state. CETLs have added support and credibility to the excellent group of technologists in districts around the state and the CETL framework has enhanced our conversations about best practices when implementing one-to-one. CETL certification has been affirming and empowering for all who have participated in seeking this distinction. With this credential in hand, technology directors, CTOs, and CIOs around the state have reasserted their place at the table in discussing the role of technology in education.”

—David Long, CETL, Superintendent, Beaver County School District, Utah


More information:
CETL is a registered trademark of CoSN.