The CETL is the first-ever aspirational certification for education technology leaders. It is based on a body of knowledge defining the skill areas critical to today’s education technology leaders: leadership and vision; understanding the educational environment, and managing technology and support resources. Specifically, the CETL is a rigorous, two-part exam that identifies those who have mastered the framework skills and knowledge needed to bring 21st-century skills to schools. The exam is a true measure of today’s education technology field. 

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Individuals serving in both the K12 education sector and the corporate community who have successfully completed the CETL or participated in CETL training programs have reported that they have a much greater understanding of the challenges face by K-12 edtech leaders. These skills have allowed them to deal with the challenges of a constantly changing technology field.
To date, over 500 education technology leaders, in school systems nationwide and in companies serving those districts, have passed this rigorous program and earned their certification, with more in the pipeline. More than half of CETL-certified educational technology leaders hold district, cabinet-level positions. For the past couple of years, CoSN has worked closely with district technology leaders to help them understand the value and importance of the CETL. Superintendents who have encouraged CETL certification have reported that: 
  • Stakeholders see that they are committed to the highest standards in administration.
  • They hire and promote only the most skilled and knowledgeable education technologists.
  • Their districts keep current on the latest trends and best practices in education technology.
  • Asking for CETL demonstrates a commitment to their employees’ professional growth.
  • The technology team skills are well matched to the job requirements of their positions.


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