Early Career K-12 CTO Academy

Listen. Learn. Lead.
The Early Career K-12 CTO Academy is a new program that was developed to address the needs of education technology leaders who are new in their position. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their understanding of edtech leadership and make a positive impact on student-centered, digital learning in their school district. 
The Academy was developed in collaboration with Dell EMC - “Today, schools are looking to integrate technology with new teaching and learning practices, leading to better learning outcomes for students,” said Matt Dascoli, Education Strategist, Dell EMC. “We are excited to collaborate with COSN to develop a program for K-12 edtech leaders that offers resources and skills that these CTOs will use today and throughout their careers.”

CoSN’s Early Career K-12 CTO Academy prepares new technology directors with fewer than four full years of experience to: 

  • Be part of discussions centered around new strategies for meeting the needs of diverse learners
  • Lead the creation of a culture of innovation in their school district  
  • Benefit from the experience of veteran tech and curriculum leaders in the areas of supporting student-centered learning, technology budgeting, technical support strategies, infrastructure, effective strategies for communications, and more
  • Improve the soft skills necessary to work effectively with others in the culture specific to their school district
  • Build a Professional Learning Network (PLN) of edtech experts and other new CTOs through face-to-face and virtual meetings
The Academy begins with an intensive two and a half day workshop, July 17-19, discussing practical strategies for early career CTOs. The face to face workshop is followed by six (6) deep dive online discussions on topics selected by the group. To enhance the journey, each member of the cohort will be paired with an experienced and proven edtech leader as a thought partner and mentor.  
An experienced thought partner can be a lifesaver in the ever-changing world of edtech. Throughout the process, each member of the cohort will work on a capstone project with his/her thought partner. The members of the cohort will select capstone projects to be featured at the 2020 CoSN Conference.
Eligibility and Timeline

New career K-12 chief technology officers (CTOs) with fewer than 4 full years of experience are invited to apply. We are no longer accepting applications. Please check back next year!

Registration Fees

Members: $2,299
Non-members $3,299

The registration fee will be invoiced upon acceptance. Fees include program, materials, meals, and lodging at the three-day workshop and registration at the CoSN 2020 Conference. Participants are responsible for travel to the workshop and both travel and lodging for the CoSN 2020 Conference.