EdTech Leader Summits

Today’s kindergarten class will graduate in 2030. Reflecting on the increasing speed and scope of technological changes in the immediate future, and a decade from now leads to the following questions:  
  • What will the world look like as the class of 2030 leave our education systems? 
  • How do we prepare students to adapt and be successful in a constantly advancing world?  
  • What will the role of the technology leader be to envision, shape and lead school system transformation?
Intrigued? CoSN is inviting you, along with other edtech thought leaders, to a half day Summit to discuss how to best prepare todays’ K-12 students for tomorrow’s jobs and life. Experts for the day will include: Tom Ryan, CISO of Santa Fe Schools and CoSN Board Chair, Keith Krueger, CoSN’s CEO and subject matter experts from CoSN. Attendees will also receive a copy of the CoSN Tool Kit: Work and Learn in 2030.
Thank you to our sponsors Classlink, ENA, and Fortinet for their support. 

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